Video Tech Tips

Skyward Secondary Grading Video Playlist

Tech Tip Video: Google Resource Calendars (14:40 minutes)

Tech Tip Video: Google Calendars on Google Sites (06:15 minutes)

Tech Tip Video: Google Sites Training (48:33 minutes)

Tech Tip Video: Adding Google Drive to Google Sites (07:00 minutes)

Tech Tip Video: Creating a Desktop Shortcut for a Website (14 seconds)

YouTube Video

Tech Tip Video: Tagging Google Sites (03:31 minutes)

Here are our recommendations for tagging:

Use your three letter school code (example: AMB, ANG, CEL, HAV, LCE, MBE, TWL, WOD, CMS, NMS, WMS, CHS, NHS)
Use your grade level or department (example: Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, Math, World Languages)
Use “Portage Public Schools”
Use “teacher”
Use any special classifications (example: IB, Clubs, Sports, etc.)

Use “student”
If a class project, use teacher’s name, class name, and project name

Tech Tip Video: Reformatting PowerPoint slides to fit your classroom TV (03:03 minutes)

Tech Tip Video: Remote Desktop Connection (2:55 minutes)